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Toowong Cemetery Archaeological Digs

Friends of Toowong Cemetery, in conjunction with The University of Queensland School of Social Science, have been searching for buried headstones in the cemetery grounds since 2006. The annual archaeology dig is a chance to unearth Brisbane's history.

Toowong Cemetery Archaeological Dig 2023

Our 2023 Archaeological Dig uncovered more of Brisbane's history finding headstones from the North Brisbane Burial Grounds.

Toowong Cemetery Archaeological Dig 2023

Toowong Cemetery Archaeological Dig Finds 2023

Where did the buried headstones come from?

The headstones discovered in Toowong Cemetery Archaeological digs are believed to come from two sources:

Archaeologist Dr. Jon Prangell from The University of Queensland, and member of Friends of Toowong Cemetery, explains to Radio Station 4BC how the city’s forgotten headstones are being rediscovered.

Finding Thomas Mowbray

Mr. Mowbray was a prominent police magistrate in Brisbane. His headstone was removed as part of the 'Beautification Scheme', and discovered in 2011 as part of the Toowong Cemetery Archaeological digs. The headstone was reinstated in its original location.

Starting the Archaeological dig in 2011

A headstone is discovered

The Headstone's owners are revealed Thomas, Norma Violet, and Elizabeth Barclay Mowbray's headstone in its rightful place (11-76-8)