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How to find a grave in Toowong Cemetery

Heritage‑listed Toowong Cemetery is the largest cemetery in Queensland. It can be difficult to find a grave as some graves are unmarked and some headstones have been destroyed.

Search for a person's grave

Use the Brisbane City Council Memorial search to look up a person's name and find their location in Toowong Cemetery.

Note the plot location which will be 3 numbers in the format, Portion - Section/#/Grave.

For example, Peter Jackson's grave is located at 5 - 28/#/1 or Portion 5, Section 28, Grave 1. We simplify this format to 5-28-1.

BCC Memorial search result for Peter Jackson

BCC Memorial search result for Peter Jackson


The new BCC Memorial search is new and has some data quality issues, especially with locations shown on the aerial map. Note the plot location number and use the map below. If you find data issues, please report them to BCC.

Locate the grave on the map

Use the Toowong Cemetery Map to locate the Portion and Section where the person is buried.

Print the Toowong Cemetery Map

Can you locate Peter Jackson's grave (5-28-1) using the Portion and Section numbers in the map below?

Toowong Cemetery Map

Toowong Cemetery Map showing Portions (the large numbers) and Sections (the numbers inside the light green rectangles). Toowong Cemetery Area Map © Brisbane City Council 2022, used under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Licence. Corrected on 4 March 2023 in consultation with Toowong Cemetery: Portion 10 Section, 85 and 83 swapped. Portion 7A, Sections 233a and 233b renamed to 234 and 235 respectively. Road name labels added and spelling corrected.

There are 34 Portions in the cemetery, numbered 1 to 30 and also 2A, 7A, 15A, 29A. Each Section can contain up to 80 graves and the graves are usually in two rows within the section.

Portion numbers are shown on signs throughout the cemetery. Section numbers are painted on the road.

Historic maps may help you find graves within a section. A current map of graves within sections has not been published by the Brisbane City Council.

Portion Sign

Portion 10 sign post.

Plan your visit

Plan your visit to Toowong Cemetery.

Ask for help

Ask Friends of Toowong Cemetery for help:

  • If the grave is unmarked, we can outline the grave using a surface spray. The spray does no harm and two mowings later it will disappear.
  • If you're unable to visit, we can to take a digital photograph of a grave and email it to you.

Visit the grave

Grave Markers

Markers can be seen on, or embedded into, graves. A Marker represents a person buried in the grave. Historic Burial and Portion Registers link some people to markers and their grave. Unfortunately many markers are missing or have been moved.

Markers embedded into a grave

Grave markers embedded into a grave surround.

Grave markers found on the grass

Grave markers found on the grass, separated from their graves.

Unmarked Graves

There are many unmarked graves in Toowong Cemetery. Take care when you walk across the grass as unmarked graves can leave hidden hollows that are a trip hazard.

Unmarked graves

Unmarked graves can be clearly seen after rain.