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1919 Soldiers

A historic walk visiting 1919 soldiers in Toowong Cemetery

Use the Toowong Cemetery map to help you visit the graves in this story.

Private Frank Goodwin (10‑43‑26)

Service number: 5832. 25th Australian Infantry Battalion, Australian Imperial Force

Born to Abraham Goodwin and Elizabeth Smith in Fremantle W.A. on 21 June 1885. He enlisted 20 June 1916 at the age of 23 years and 11 months. He was employed as an Engineers Machinist. Frank embarked on the A36 Boonah and arrived in Plymouth 10 January 1917. Couple of months off colour and in France April 1917. Severe case of Trench foot got him back to England and then home by December 1917.

Sergeant Arthur Leslie Middleton (10‑43‑12)

Service number: 7437. 42nd Battalion. Australian Imperial Force

Born to Joseph Middleton and Sarah Jane Read in Ipswich 11 May 1894. He served in 11th Inft. Citizen Forces and in Instructional Staff as a Staff Sergeant Major and Sergeant in the Australian Imperial Force. He was a bootmaker by trade. He enlisted 1 March 1917 at just under 23 of years age.

Private John Crilly (10‑41‑20)

Service number: 5079. 1st Tunnel Company. Australian Imperial Force.

Born to James Crilly and Margaret Gillespie in Dungannon, Ireland 30 November 1871. He had already served 3 years in the Australian Light Horse prior to joining the Tunnelling unit at 41 years of age He was a miner by trade. He married Margaret McMaster and had 3 children between 1897 and 1900 and married again Caroline Flamank and had 2 more children.

Private Joseph Leyton (10‑41‑18)

Service number: 3851. 49th Battalion.

Born in Leeds Yorkshire ca. 1875. No records of family exist other than a Next of Kin, niece Miss Harriet Leeson living in Brudenall View, Hyde Park, Leeds. He was 38 on enlistment 13 September 1915. Former trade is a farmer.

Driver Arthur Bann (10‑40‑18)

Service number: 5990. 9th Battalion.

Arthur was born to Henry Bann and Sarah Jane Percival in Blackburn, Lancashire 9 May 1890. Prior to enlisting he was a motor mechanic. Whilst on furlough he married Annie Monton 7 July 1917 in Cheshire.

Sergeant Frank Morgan Jones (10‑40‑17)

Service number: 352 Australian Mining Corps

Frank was born to William Morgan Jones and Catherine Kyle Keys sometime in 1872 in Shropshire. He was married to Edith Mary Raynor. He is listed as a miner in his service sheets.

Private Michael Dalton (10‑39‑24)

Service number: 5818. Oxley Regiment and 9th Battalion.

Michael was born to Irishman Michael Dalton and Allora, born Elizabeth Jane Smyth 22 October 1894. He served to in the Oxley Regiment in Brisbane prior to the war.

Private Frederick Nicholas Naughton (10‑39‑12)

Service number: 1205. 11th Light Horse 14/15 Star

Frederick was born in Melbourne to William Jason Naughton and Susannah Theresa Boyd in 1883. A paper Ruler by trade. He enlisted 9 August 1915 at 32 years and 2 months.

Trooper Frank Venton Rutherberg (10‑39‑11)

Service number: 872. 11th Light Horse 14/15 Star

Frank was born to Frank August Ruthenberg and Mary Annie Bennett in Charter's Towers, 19 September 1888. His service record shows him as a labourer his sister Vera Talbot as Next of Kin.

Both parents were deceased by his time of enlistment. By his record he served only in the Middle East. Died accidentally.

David Gordon Rattray (10‑39‑16)

Service number: 2492. 47th Battalion.

David was born in Cooktown to Margaret Rattray, 22 May 1893. Her husband, his father according to David's service records had died in South Africa during the Boer War. Name not recorded.

Private Thomas Morell (10‑39‑15)

Service number: 3980. 26th Battalion

Thomas was born in Cork Ireland to Denis Morell and mother unknown. Service records have him enlisting both in Bundaberg and Brisbane on the same day. He never got further than Egypt and several hospitals in a period of 10 months before coming back because of various illnesses.

Private Richard Whitby (10‑39‑14)

Service number: 2001, 1344, 7795, 630. 2nd Brabants, Natal Mounted Police, Australian Light Horse 9th Battalion

He was born to Jean Lefebre Whitby and Emma Linby ca. 1881 in Johannesburg. He was an Engineer and apprenticed to Howard Farrar for 5 years. He enlisted into the 1st Light Horse 15 July 1915 and was discharged 17 March 1917 and re-enlisted 21 April 1917 and back overseas with the 9th Batt. and was returned June 1918 with Tuberculosis. He actually enlisted 3 times with a change of names.


Compiled and presented by Darcy Maddock